Cultural Influences on Early Intervention Services

Sultan Saeed Alzahrani, Linda Flynn-Wilson
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This survey-based, quantitative research investigated Early Intervention teachers' perception about Early Intervention services in Mecca Region in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This research focused on the cultural influences in the provision of services by professionals. Two options were offered to subjects to complete the survey: 1) an online survey and 2) a hard copy of the survey which was distributed to teachers in Early Intervention Centers. The majority of the participants completed the online survey. Data was collected and analyzed. The results showed that the teachers in Mecca Region in Saudi Arabia indicated that they considered the culture of the children and families when determining curriculum and services in their programs.


Early Intervention, IEP, Special education, Early childhood, Children with disabilities, Young children with disabilities

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Alzahrani, S. S., & Flynn-Wilson, L. (2021). Cultural influences on early intervention services. International Journal on Studies in Education (IJonSE), 3(1), 1-9.



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