Intersecting Service-Learning, Salvation, and Transformation: Insights from College Students at Hekima House

James P. Takona
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This qualitative study delves into the intersecting themes of Service-Learning, Salvation, and Transformation within the unique context of Hekima House. Five college students embarked on a Service-Learning course leading to a transformative self-discovery journey and societal impact. Through in-depth analysis, this research illuminates the profound effects of Service-Learning on individuals and the communities they serve. The students' immersion into Hekima House's resilient community highlights the power of Service-Learning to shape empathetic, socially responsible citizens who actively engage with complex global challenges. The implications of this study extend beyond academia, challenging higher education institutions to foster global citizens who are culturally conscious, empathetic, and initiative taking in addressing complex global challenges. By bridging the gap between academic knowledge and societal impact, this research encourages a paradigm shift in higher education, preparing students to navigate an ever-changing world and make a tangible impact on society.

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Takona, J.P. (2024). Intersecting service-learning, salvation, and transformation: Insights from college students at Hekima House. International Journal on Studies in Education (IJonSE), 6(2), 210-239.



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