An Attempt to Bring Calculation Closer to Student Reality through Active Methodologies: 4E's

Altieres Bomfim Ribeiro, Roberta Veloso Garcia, Estaner Claro Romao
521 325


The Calculus I course has high failure rates in universities in Brazil and around the world, as well as at the School Engineering of Lorena (EEL). This article seeks to contribute to minimize this issue, adopting as a strategy the use of active learning methodologies. Active methodologies already established in the literature were searched, which served as the basis for the construction this work. A questionnaire was also applied to EEL students to map their most common difficulties and specially to know the students perspective on the current situation of the discipline. From the results of the questionnaire we sought to interpret what were the main factors that contributed to the high failure rates of the discipline in the EEL. From this analysis a procedure was elaborated that united the concepts of the previously researched methodologies, which were more adequate to face the problems highlighted by the questionnaire, aiming to contribute appropriately to the improvement of the discipline learning.


Calculus, Engineering, Peer instruction, Problem based learning

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