Navigating Environmental Education Practices to Promote Environmental Awareness and Education

Eliseo Marpa
1041 442


Inhabitants of Planet Earth are experiencing environmental tensions brought about by the different problems plaguing the environment prompting the researcher to conduct a study on navigating environmental education practices in promoting environmental awareness and education. To answer this problem, the researcher employed a quantitative-qualitative method of research using the modified survey questionnaire from Eriko Arai and Shauna Sprules and the developed interview guide for the selected participants. Findings show that the majority is integrating environmental education, and it is evident in sciences, social studies, and values education. Integration, in this regard, was done weekly. On the other hand, activities that helped students learn about sound environment practices were lecturing, hands-on outdoor learning, and field trips that encourage the planting of trees, recycling, greening schoolyards, etc. Findings also reflected that the majority of the teachers did not discuss the different perspectives of environmental issues. When they discussed, they did not encourage students to form their views and ideas on different environmental issues. However, teachers were all eager to integrate environmental education despite barriers such as curriculum materials and teachers' competencies. Along this line, the study suggests for the development of instructional materials and training for teachers in the teaching and integration of environmental education in the different subject areas.


Education, Environmental awareness, Environmental education, Navigating, Practices

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