Developing Nature of Science Ideas and Orientations at the Graduate Level: Better Late Than Never

Jessica McClain, Claire Cesljarev, Qiu Zhong, Shukufe Rahman, Conghui Liu, Andrea Phillips, Tulana Ariyaratne, Valarie L. Akerson
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This paper describes the improved science conceptions and orientations for teaching about Nature of Science that resulted in a group of doctoral students who took a Nature of Science graduate course. This paper was a result of a panel discussion at the 2021 International Conference on Social and Education Sciences (IConSES) in Chicago, IL. The format took a reflective view on the past course, and how the doctoral students made changes in their ideas about NOS and their teaching practices. Reflections were made across themes that included Early ideas about NOS, our orientations to teaching about NOS, the world outside our window, and teaching NOS, and teaching NOS, past, present and future. Recommendations are made for beginning NOS instruction as early as kindergarten and embedding it in science content throughout all science education, making it a part of instruction similar to how scientific practices are similar to instruction.


Graduate education, Nature of science, Professional development

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McClain, J., Cesljarev, C., Zhong, Q., Rahman, S., Liu, C., Phillips, A., Ariyaratne, T., & Akerson, V. L. (2022). Developing nature of science ideas and orientations at the graduate level: Better late than never. International Journal on Studies in Education (IJonSE), 4(2), 155-170.



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