Adaptation and Perception of Online Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic by Albanian University Students

Paola Xhelili, Eliana Ibrahimi, Erinda Rruci, Kristina Sheme
7219 2991


The aim of this study is to evaluate the perceptions and challenges of Albanian students during online learning carried out due to COVID-19 pandemic. The students were invited via email to give their perception of ongoing online learning. Responses were obtained from 627 college students from various study fields, such as natural, medical, and life sciences. The results showed that students had a more positive attitude towards the classroom learning environment. The main challenges that students faced were the unavailability of internet connection and the lack of technology devices. Students enrolled in technology-based programs and also those with high academic performance were more comfortable and satisfied with online classes (p<0.001). The % of students who preferred the learning process be continued in the classroom was higher than those who preferred online education or a combination of both on-campus and online learning environments (p<0.001). Students firmly state that online learning cannot replace the classroom. The findings suggested that Albanian students are not familiar enough with technology-based education. Online teaching must be integrated gradually into Albanian education depending also on students’ characteristics. The learning process must be effectively organized by professors, taking into account students’ dissatisfactions and difficulties with e-learning and considering the overall limitations of this method.


Online education, COVID-19 pandemic, University teaching, College students

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Xhelili, P., Ibrahimi, E., Rruci, E., & Sheme, K. (2021). Adaptation and perception of online learning during COVID-19 pandemic by Albanian university students. International Journal on Studies in Education (IJonSE), 3(2), 103-111.



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